ASC provides an efficient and cost-effective scan to BIM services; our in-house experienced and qualified staff leverage the various scan to BIM tools to convert point cloud and laser scan data into the detailed 3d BIM model. We have developed an in-house scan to BIM processes while delivering numerous scans to BIM jobs across the globe. We are scan to BIM services provider company in India, USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. Our scan to BIM modeling services includes modeling from LOD 200 to LOD 400 as per the scan to BIM specifications and scan to BIM standards. Scan to BIM is the process of converting point cloud data into an intelligent real-time 3d model. The point cloud data could be captured for at any physical space. The captured data can be used to make intelligent data-rich 3d models. Such a detailed representation of any physical area could be utilized for designing, retrofit, repair, and renovation.​

As a BIM company in India, we have provided the Point cloud 3D modeling services to many of our customers across the world. The key benefit of our scan to BIM Revit services is checking the feasibility of expansion/extension for the brownfield projects. It also helps while managing facilities/assets for many industries such as architectural, retailers, power plants, oil & gas, and contractors. We have provided a scan to BIM models for architectural, structural, piping and plant elements for many of these customers. Our team also provides MEP scan to BIM services to MEP contractors, MEP designers, and consulting engineers. We are a leading BIM outsourcing company in India that provides apex quality point cloud modeling services at affordable prices. Our scan to BIM process is utilized to create a highly accurate as-built model for multipurpose. We generally combine BIM models for existing buildings with models of new/renovated areas of a building. Having expertise in various Scan to BIM tools, our team can prepare the models in ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture and Revit MEP however, the process of getting a model from laser point cloud to Revit and generating sophisticated detailed BIM model is where our expertise and experience lies.

For the Revit BIM services as an input, the raw laser scan survey data a compilation of data from the quick processing of millions of data points is always critical for the process of the scan to BIM services in the USA. However, without BIM modeling expertise it is difficult to create a point cloud to a BIM model that can be used by the entire design chain. Whether using the laser scan data along with indoor viewer for images or another scan to BIM software, we use a variety of specialist scan to BIM software tools for creating the accurate architectural and MEP BIM models that truly reflects the current as-built condition of the building/plant for our point cloud to BIM services. Overall, it provides a significant enhancement in an existing-condition survey compared to traditional surveys. In our point cloud to Revit workflow, our BIM models include all existing building elements such as beams, columns, ceilings, pipes, vessels, internal walls, external landscape elements, and MEP elements.

Benefits of Scan to BIM

  • Scan to BIM modeling services is the most accurate and efficient way to develop as-built BIM model form existing building that can be used for further project expansion and refurbishment of the project such as residential, commercial, factory, airports, heritage buildings, opera house, fire stations, tunnels, etc.

  • Since point cloud to BIM captures as-built accurate data, it helps make a decision on the unwanted structures/ part of the unwanted structure.

  • Point cloud 3d models help generate 3D virtual assets and can be used further for feasibility study and collision check with upcoming elements. It can also be used to run the construction simulation.

  • The scan to the Revit 3D model helps companies to have access to the digital 3D model and modify the same as per the project needs. The same model can also be used by facility managers to manage the building facility.

Scan to BIM Services

Mixed Used Building - Europe

School Scan to BIM

School - Europe

Heritage Scan to BIM

Heritage Building - UK

MEP Scan to BIM Services

Plant - Europe

Residencial Scan to BIM

Residential Building - Europe

Commercial Scan to BIM

Commercial Building - Europe




At ASC we understand the importance of having accurate deliverables. We pay high attention to the quality of the deliverables. We ensure our clients have to spend minimum time on checking and get highly accurate 3d models. We have developed our in-house quality check processes and scan to bim workflow over the years and each model passes through three levels of quality check. First, the quality control team performs the screen check, Second, the data creation team inspects the model by following the standard quality check pross and last the project lead scrutinizes the model carefully to make sure the model is highly accurate. Our quality check processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Is ASC an experienced company?

ASC is the leading scan to the bim company. ASC has provided laser scan modeling services to various clients across the world. We have completed projects such as heritage buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, plants, refineries, stadiums, oper houses, tunnels, etc. for the well-known companies in the world. Our in-house point cloud 3d modeling team is highly qualified and experienced. Our team is well versed with industry-standard point cloud modeling software technologies.​

What type of outputs ASC can deliver?

Since we are working on multiple technologies, we can deliver 3D/2D output in any format the client asks for. Generally, we deliver a 3D Revit/Archicad BIM model and IFC file along with 2D floor plans, sections, elevation drawings in pdf and .dwg format.

What is the deliverable capacity of ASC?

ASC a point cloud to 3d modeling service provider company is working with multiple clients at a time and can deliver around 100000 to 150000 square meters of bim model/2D documentation per month.

Will you do a free proof of concept for us?

Yes, ASC does a free proof of concept if requested by the client. Please click HERE to send your request. Our team shall get back to you within 24 hours.

What is scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM is the process of converting 3D laser scan data into the digital model. The digital representation of point cloud data can be utilized for asset management, retrofit, design, evaluation, etc.


What type of Input ASC needs to create BIM model/2D drawings from point cloud?


Typically, our clients send us data in multiple point cloud formats such as .pts, .ptx, .ptg, .las .rcs/RCP, .pod etc. As a point cloud modeling company, we have software technologies and in-house expertise to process and register any industry point cloud file.


How can Point cloud modeling be helpful?


It can be helpful in multiple ways. As point cloud modeling service provider company, we generate the 3D model for our clients that can help them for clash detection, asset management, asset digitization, 2D documentation, etc.


How do we get a free estimate for our project?


you can send us your project for estimation on or you can simply fill the contact form HERE with project details. We shall get back you to within 24 hours.

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