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How MEP BIM Coordination Services facilitate construction project management?

MEP Coordination is a method to detect and resolve clashes among different trades like architectural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and structural units before the main construction process begins. For bringing about harmony between these separate designs there should be coordination achieved for each discipline including the updates coming in. So, MEP BIM Coordination Services is a mechanism to collaborate three main design verticals namely architecture, structure, and MEP designs of any infrastructure, and thus becomes one of the essentials of the review process. For conducting MEP coordination knowledge of design, construction, and operation and maintenance domains is a prerequisite.

MEP Coordination works by bringing about synchronization of all the building services with other domains that make up the building structure, fabric, and external envelope. Building services coordination assigns vertical and horizontal locations for individual system components within the defined structural and architectural constraints. After this, the coordination professionals conduct coordination that focuses on highly congested spaces to prevent the building system interferences. This building service coordination done at the design creation and review phase becomes the first step of the coordination of building projects. It is necessary to detect these clashes or interferences at the early stage of the construction project because these errors and redundancies might cost a million buck loss if not identified at the initial design phase itself.

Incorporating MEP BIM Modelling Services for a construction project provides a visual ability to the structures to communicate intentionally through 3D models at the pre-construction stage itself. So, with this technology-driven Software for coordination, comes many benefits like communication and collaboration at the modeling phase itself. Once the project has Structural BIM and Architectural BIM in place and the premise of MEP BIM has been made does the MEP BIM Modelling come to play. Employing BIM doesn’t just help overcome structural coordination and modeling issues, but it helps different teams like that of fabricators, contractors, engineers, consultants, and sub-contractors to bring about coordination among them by building up a persistent communication mode.

Under MEP BIM coordination the software brings for the clashes that appear within the different MEP components and systems with other MEP components and systems. In addition to this, it integrates all the designs of varied teams and tries to find all the interferences to ensure there is coordination between the MEP, Structural and Architectural designs of the construction project. When these conflicts are removed and resolved at the initial stage itself there comes an overall positive outcome of the project for different stakeholders thereby facilitating the entire management of the project.

The backbone for most of the implementation in BIM projects is BIM coordination services. While the coordination process brings about constructability reviews, clash detection reports and virtual/personal meetings with different construction professionals involved, it also amplifies the operability and motive of usage of BIM software; which was to assure that the project is on time and doesn’t incur unnecessary costing for the different teams and the client on the whole.

MEP Coordination Services
ASC BIM Services

Collaboration among different teams forms the basis on which BIM services work for any construction project. This means that the different stakeholders including the owner, project managers, contractors, consultants, subcontractors, and facilities management teams involved in the construction process have the access to the same costing, design, and scheduling information during the same time.

Having understood that BIM Clash Detection Services is an important tool for the designing process along with generating a model in the construction industry, we highlight some of the benefits that an engineer and architect derive with coordination services:

How BIM Clash detection services help Engineers and Architects?

  1. Helps maximize building space utilization.

  2. Brings collaboration between builder, contractor, architects, and engineers so that the issues can be resolved at the initial phase and come up with the precise and accurate design for the construction project.

  3. When we inspect the model using clash detection software like Navisworks and Revit, it helps reduce the number of change orders during the on-site construction work which can lead to human errors, thereby saving money, time, and resources for the building owner, contractor and company involved.

  4. It empowers multiple engineers to work on a single model and then synchronizes that model to reflect the changes that are produced by every user in a project.

  5. The engineers can bring about design modifications and improvements to the existing structures based on the clash detection reports that have detailed mapping of the parts of the current structure and this modified design can be later passed on to the contractor.

  6. These tools assist in decreasing the inadequacies and errors in design that would be costly to the project during and after the completion of its design.

  7. With BIM coordination and clash detection, one can derive real-time construction scheduling to meet project deadlines.

With BIM solutions in MEP Coordination, it can facilitate the construction project management as it helps improve the quality, create clash free designs, effective visualization, enhanced collaboration, faster design time and overall cost reduction.

How do MEP BIM Coordination services help facilitate Project Management?

  1. Clash Free designs: With BIM coordination in effect the MEP Layouts and building plans can be made at the same time. Since BIM is a centralized model, every update or change is instantly reflected for all stakeholders.

  2. Superior quality with BIM: With BIM there is the flexibility to make changes to the design or the documentation which implies there will be minimal manual checks and less coordination time. Due to this the design team can have more time to look after and resolve the architectural concerns. With BIM MEP coordination and digital representation comes more control over technical decision making and overall improvised planning of the building.

  3. Enhanced Collaboration: When the overall MEP coordination is improved and in place, there will come an improved collaboration among all the domains which will help improve the control of the project flow.

  4. Visualization: First there are placement of MEP, structural, and architectural components in the model, after which space is enhanced by placing secondary components of the design around these core elements. This mechanism brings about effective visualization with BIM from the beginning of the design process, giving the complete idea of the actual project before construction.

  5. Shorter Design Time: Since BIM allows designing and documentation at the same time the overall design is at a faster pace. Different diagrams, estimations, drawings, schedules, planning, value engineering, etc are developed at the same time as work progresses. In addition to this, the changes if any at the site conditions can be easily adapted to the BIM Model.

  6. Reduced Cost: With BIM services and coordination smaller teams can deliver more, which brings about less miscommunication, thereby lowering the overall costing of the project. Enhanced planning and improved document quality results in reducing the time and the total money spent in the process.

So, gauging the benefits and importance of MEP BIM Coordination Services to the different teams of the construction project helps streamline and channel every process thereby enhancing collaboration and communication among them. When all the stakeholders are in-line with every work and design modifications being done, the overall management of the project turns into a flawless mechanism.

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