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For flawless construction of a site (commercial or residential), one of the most essential areas to look forward to is that of the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) requirements of the building. While there are dedicated engineers for mechanical and electrical support, many times it is plumbing services that take the back seat during traditional architectural drawings and construction services and then bring about complications or problems which arise during on-site construction or after a couple of years.

Plumbing BIM Services - ASC BIM Services

With the advancement of technology in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Industry, all the different areas are considered simultaneously when represented digitally in the form of a 3-dimensional model known as the Building Information Model (BIM). Under this, it is Plumbing BIM services that look after all the plumbing needs and departments of a construction site.

In this article, we look at the different forms of residential plumbing problems that might occur in a residential complex or an apartment, which a plumbing contractor can come across and be solved using BIM software.

Some of the plumbing problems which need attention are:

  1. Pipe leakage and clogging: While the new building or apartment usually is in a healthy condition, it is only after a few years that complaints like leakage and water being clogged in different piping systems arise. Since many of these pipes are usually hidden and never seen out in the open it is highly difficult to detect the source of leakages or cases of rusting if any unless significant damage or stains show up on walls.

  2. Plumbing/Piping replacement: Be it during refurbishing & renovating or simply maintenance the replacements of pipes, valves, faucets and other parts will be needed to prevent major structural damages.

  3. Redoing Plumbing: In the Millennial generation, the work and lifestyle patterns relocate families or individuals from one apartment to another; be it an old structure or a new building. While the interiors are always given importance and are in trend; what must be inspected is the plumbing units so that no problems are showing shortly. Inspection done might demand a renovation in the plumbing units or simply replacing the older pipes. For such things, the plumbing contractor must always be handy with a rerouting plan as and when needed.

  4. Maintenance and Installations of Water Heater: The dual system of water heater requires professional expertise to plan, layout, design, and installation of pipes as these heaters are prone to many problems and therefore demand timely servicing and maintenance from that of a licensed plumber.

  5. Toilet / Washroom Repair: Being in regular use Toilets and washrooms are one of the important areas which require timely servicing and maintenance. Repair, Installations of the new drainage system or a new toilet, require professional plumbing contractors.

  6. Cleaning of Drains: The drains must be cleaned regularly which can be clogged with dirt particles like that of leftover food, oil, etc. If not checked and cleaned regularly might be the cause for foul smell or even leakage to a certain extent. For seamless drain cleaning services, the plumbing contractors must be consulted.

  7. Sewer Line: Sewer lines for an apartment is usually placed underground and must be serviced from time to time before they break or are blocked which in turn will cause a lot of repair work and money for redoing. One of the major hassles which can come up concerning sewer lines is digging up the entire area since these pipes are underground.

  8. Repair, Replacement, and Installation: Many a time when there is renovation required not just for an apartment but the entire building, the new plan will have to check the entire plumbing element to identify which part of the building requires a repair, replacement, or new installations altogether.

  9. Maintenance and Inspection: Under these the plumbing contractors and BIM company make a quick check on things like,

  • Check for Leakage

  • Corrosion Check

  • Toilets & washroom Inspections

  • Caulking in the sink, shower, tub, and toilet base inspection

  • Strange noise inspection in drain-cleaning; showers and tubs

  • Inspect and check faucet aerators and showerheads.

  • Laundry Water Supply

  • Inspect water heaters for any repair and replacements along with temperature check of the water

  • Water pressure check

  • Visible pipes and joints need to be checked

  • At each fixture the shut-off valve to be tested

  • Replacement needed for worn out parts.

Application of BIM in Plumbing services improves the overall efficacy in terms of reducing the time and money, improvising accuracy, and optimizing the overall design before the actual construction work begins along with catering to the above plumbing issues which arise post-delivery of the construction site. MEP BIM services provide the entire lifecycle of the building which is coherent to other departments like architectural, structural, and others.

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