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6 Ways Architectural 3D Rendering helps Designers, Architects, and a Broker

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The digitally created environments using high-quality technology for the architectural or infrastructure space is Architectural 3D Rendering. These are used to virtually stage and visualize the spaces before they are constructed. The entire AEC industry has been upgraded with the introduction of 3D Renders. They give about a vision and see-through into the project even before they are constructed, thereby becoming an asset to realtors and developers to pitch their sales with a greater edge.

Architectural Rendering Services being such an innovative tool, 3D rendering drawings help clients, architects, and others involved in a project in more than one way. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Effective Presentation of the Site: Being a beautiful visual tool, it helps bring about presentations and drawings which are lively and have every single detail visually available. In comparison with the line drawings and hand-drawn sketches that give every measurement in detail, they still lack the precision and presentability which is brought by 3D renders. Construction companies use Architectural Rendering Services to create an exact render of the built infrastructure so that the customers get a better experience and a real feel of the physical space even before they have bought it. Since the visualization of the actual space is so evident the conceptualization of the space (Sofa, fittings, etc) can be easily done. From adding different shades, textures, colors, arrangements, etc clients can customize their property and be assured at the designing phase itself.

  2. Modify and Edit the Design in real-time: Gone are the days that required reworking on the entire project if anything had to be changed. The architects and designers, even though credible in their design, had to put in a lot of time and effort to bring about modifications with traditional ways using pencil, eraser, rulers, and protractors. Even the plastic sketches required a lot of time and acid to bring about changes to them. But with the dynamism of architectural rendering, the design is changed with just a few clicks as and when required. With computerized and Architectural rendering software, these clicks update the drawings in such a manner that all the dimensions linked to it are automatically updated. Not just this, one can even have the luxury to save the duplicated designs and show clients multiple versions of their renders and give them the freedom to choose between them.

  3. Early Troubleshoot: Since interactive 3D rendering is dimensionally stable it is the best guiding tool for the construction phase. The drawings which bring about these 3D renders are architecturally-accurate and have true dimensions. With such power in hand, one can visualize if any clashes or overlap occur while adding any object or adjusting a wall, etc. Further one can easily gauge if the slabs or a sofa set one has pitched in will fit properly with the design or not by utilizing 3D rendering drawing. 3D BIM Walkthroughs helps different stakeholders to coordinate and work on different kinds of design clashes and coordination issues. Due to this, it also becomes a true civil design tool and best companion for a civil engineer. Such a troubleshooting mechanism helps to encounter such things easily in the design phase itself instead of redoing the entire work when some trouble arrives during the actual construction which is highly costly.

  4. Cost-Effective: Concerning the traditional sketches and blueprints the money is saved by not having to buy paper and plastic to sketch these drawings. Having said this, the main cost-effectivity of Architectural rendering services is in terms of the overall time it takes to bring about such visual renders. The overall time spent to create such digital prints using different textures and fixtures which are simply brought about through few clicks is minimal in comparison to spending weeks or even months to create a hand-drawn architectural render. This acceleration of the entire work saves a lot of time and money for the developer and the client. Knowing the fact that time is money in the Real Estate market, one knows that the first edition of design is time-intensive, but the redesigning and re-working of that design can take up a lot of time. So, having the ability to troubleshoot and modify the design in real-time the overall time is reduced for presenting the final render. Being able to produce different variations and visuals of the same design faster the overall Architectural rendering is a cost-effective mechanism.

  5. Appealing and Attractive to Clients: Presenting your concept virtually even when it doesn’t exist in reality is where the beauty of Architectural 3D rendering exists. The design becomes appealing to a client when they can have walk-throughs of the project to see the realistic 3D renders. It is a well-known fact that a human mind is always more inclined and reactive to colors, shapes, dimensions and so will be attracted to the realistic 3D renders. Even though 2D drawings bring about every detail and layout appropriately it lacks the impact that a 3D render brings about. Perceiving the actual house or the infrastructure space which depicts the style, colors, pictures, etc the client will easily relate to space instead of the stick diagram and it is this attraction that will bind them to the project.

  6. Experiential Marketing: When it comes to a buying decision that involves big money, it is the experience that the client gets which affects their buying decision. So, in the real estate market, it is the experience that becomes the game-changer. This is brought about through their emotions that will come out while seeing the render or design or the actual space. So, when selling any real estate property, one must keep in mind to bring about the best experience to their client and this can be very easily achieved through 3D rendering drawings. These renders bring about a perfect experience simply by giving them a walk-through in that 3D visual model. Having known the final product the client is more convinced with what they are going to get into rather than simply relying on the 2D drawings and skilled talks. So being able to connect with the client at the designing stage itself and having their trust, increases the overall sales and marketing for the company.

Architectural Rendering With Lumion 10

Understanding how Architectural 3D rendering becomes a powerful tool in the AEC industry and a real estate market, it is helpful not just to designers or architects but even the sales agent, broker, client, and every person involved with that property.

ASC Technology Solutions offers comprehensive Architectural BIM services to our customers during each phase of the project such as planning, designing, building, and maintenance. Our highly experienced architectural BIM services team is specialized in providing architectural BIM modeling services.

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