3 Key Benefits of Scan to BIM Services

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of the fastest-growing technologies in the AEC industry is Scan to BIM services. This laser-driven concept is a combined three-step process. First comes the laser scanning of the building which is to be renovated or refurbished; second calls for registration or image transfer of the scanned data with appropriate extensions and files and then the last step is that of developing a 3-dimensional BIM model using varied software like Revit, ArchiCAD, etc.

While this simple three-step process looks simple in its approach but the intricacies involved are varied along with a multitude of advantages it offers Architects, BIM Engineers, Contractors, MEP consultants, etc, in between those processes. In this post we bring light to some of the most commendable and crucial benefits a BIM Engineer derives while creating the revised model for the existing building.

Detailed Valuation of Design for the Existing Structure

Renovations, refurbishment of old structures or monuments specifically use services like Scan to BIM and so one of the key steps is to evaluate and assess the building or structure along with validating the new design before any new design is proposed for construction. This mechanism is useful since laser scanning technology using 3D scanners produces laser images through which a 3D BIM Model is developed having details like beams, doors, windows, slabs, columns, or any of the MEP components. This model generated, therefore, provides a detailed idea about the existing structure and design which then helps in creating the newer design. Though such a thing will call for multiple revisions and upgrades, the perk is that the new parameters, new design codes, or environmental standards required for reconstruction become clear; such needs are easily identified from the first 3D model created from the laser scans.

This model generated can be used to perform clash detection and interference checks concerning the new one or simply develop an extension to the older design as per the requirement of the client. Point Cloud to BIM modeling services provide much more accuracy since the as-built model created is not dependent on the traditional manual surveys done traditionally, but solely depends on the actual laser scanned images of the building.

In-Depth Building Analysis

Scan to BIM service providers has brought about a revolution in the way a building or construction structure is reviewed or analyzed due to the involvement of laser scanning technology. Before this technology came to be used the renovation and refurbishment of a building required a lot of time and effort since the underlying problems not visible to naked eyes were never rectified in surveys unless the deteriorated parts or components were not demolished or unearthed. But now with laser scanning advancements, such things have been overcome and all of the essential and crucial issues or the underlying building components are identified with the scanning process in one go; which are analyzed much before the actual renovation or on-site construction begins.

The process of analyzing a structure or an entire building goes in line with the scan to BIM mechanism as the laser scan images are converted into an intelligent 3D BIM Model that incorporates all the data about the building. This BIM is then analyzed and checked thoroughly for all the damaged parts, compliances with respect to BIM implementations, redesigning or new designing of the building, etc. The analysis is not restricted to only building parts or design, but one can even analyze and estimate overall budgeting, costing, timeline, and schedule along with checking on interferences that might pop up during the reconstruction-period. With this understanding, we can conclude that the analysis of the building is one of the most crucial and important advantages of this revolutionary service.

Flawless Coordination and Collaboration between multiple teams

Some of the different departments or teams involved in the construction of architectural projects are that of Architects, Design engineers, contractors, Electrical engineers, MEP consultants, etc, and coordinating and communicating with each of them without any hindrances and interferences is a key for a successful outcome. With Scan to BIM services, the 3D models generated via scans collaborates and bring about an exchange of communication flawlessly. Each team like that of the Architectural BIM services team can discuss and add their inputs to the existing model or design and propose design changes when needed.

Understanding of loopholes, design redundancies, or any of the modifications needed in the new proposed design becomes easier and channeled with BIM models. The BIM Engineer can easily integrate the Structural, MEP, and Architectural models generated from the falser scans into a well-coordinated 3-dimensional model to identify the in-depth design issues, potential threats, clashes in the structure that needs to be renovated; thereby proposing solutions to rectify them as an when they arise.

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