MEP BIM Services

ASC technology solutions is the leading and trusted BIM MEP modeling services provider for many clients across the globe. As a part of building information modeling services portfolio, ASC provides high-quality MEP BIM services to many clients in India, USA, UK & Europe. Over the last few years, we have also provided the MEP drafting services and MEP cad services to our clients. Our in-house team of mechanical engineers is well versed with international standards to ensure our BIM modeling services are up to the client expectation, accurate and on time. Over the years we have developed internal and effective processes and quality check processes to ensure our MEP BIM outsourcing services are high quality and with no or minimum errors in the MEP BIM model.

We understand how important quality deliverables are for our clients. Hence our Revit MEP modeling services are provided in a way that each MEP model must pass through numerous quality check process. The first check of the model is done by the Revit modeler to ensure the model is error-free, the second quality check is performed by the project manager considering all the 3d BIM modeling specification and the final quality check is performed by the team leader to ensure the MEP model is complete, errorless and ready to deliver.

Our BIM services also include BIM MEP coordination. Our MEP coordination services include the overall coordination of the BIM model among the discipline such as structure, architecture, and MEP. Often MEP BIM model is the most complex and difficult model among three discipline. Our engineers have vastly experienced coordinating the BIM models with the help of Autodesk Navisworks. Since the MEP model contains HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and firefighting/fire protection elements, it is necessary to coordinate all the services with each other in order to ensure the clash free model. In a similar way, the overall services model also needs to be coordinated with the structural BIM model and architectural BIM model to ensure an overall clash free BIM model. We have years of experience and expertise to develop the services BIM model.

BIM services help to build industry in many ways. It helps expose hidden issues and plan the overall construction. It helps identify and solve the issue before the construction starts which was difficult to achieve without building information modeling. At ASC we understand the importance and benefits of BIM MEP modeling. Hence, our team ensures the services model is highly detailed as per the client specification (LOD 300 to LOD 500) and it includes the services such as HVAC, mechanical piping, plumbing, electrical and fire protection. Our MEP services model is generated in a way, it helps extract the MEP shop drawings and the quantities. Accurate and detailed MEP model helps the client understand the overall design vision and take a better-informed decision. Is also helps the client understand the coordination and relation with the other discipline and detect the issues.

Our MEP/MEPF model includes the following.

  • Mechanical BIM model

  • Plumbing BIM model

  • Electrical BIM model

  • Fire protection BIM model

  • MEP fabrication model


Benefits of MEP BIM Modelling


Helps improve project visibility and design quality

Helps increase project efficiency and productivity

Helps solve potential issues and collaborate with real-time MEP 3d models

The BIM model helps extract fabrication drawings, bill of material

Improved installation documentation by getting real-time up points.

Helps to streamline project

Helps avoid design errors, wastage and unnecessary cost for the project.


MEP BIM Modelling Services

We have years of experience in creating 3D MEP BIM models including services such as Electrical, firefighting, HVAC, mechanical and plumbing. Over the years, we have developed in-house capabilities, processes and quality control methods. Having experience for many years, our team have generated some of the most complex 3d models that include all the MEPF components like drainage pipes, light panels, and fixtures, ducts, mechanical equipment’s, etc. Our engineers are also capable of creating highly complex and parametric MEP families that can be used in multiple projects with different shape and size.


MEP BIM Coordination Services

Our engineers and designers are expert in MEP BIM coordination. We have worked on numerous projects across the world for the MEP and overall BIM coordination. Often, our clients already have the services BIM model and it is required to coordinate the specific services with the overall services and another discipline such as BIM architectural model and BIM structural model. We have in-depth knowledge and experience working on such a project. We understand the importance of BIM MEP coordination and the clash free model. Due to years of experience, we understand the effective clash resolution procedure and we ensure the model is 100% clash free before the generation of shop drawings.


MEP Shop drawing services

We have worked on BIM MEP shop drawings generation on numerous projects such as residential, commercial, mixed-use, school, malls, fire stations, stadiums, tunnels, auditorium, etc. Before we generate the shop drawings, it is essential to make the BIM MEP model completely clash-free. Once the BIM model is clash-free, the shop drawings can be generated using the Revit MEP software tools. The model helps generate the various views and other details such as the distance from column, tags, annotations, etc. Our team is having experience in generation services shop drawings as per the local standards and client specifications using the Revit MEP drawings tools. We generate the shop drawings for HVAC, shop drawings for plumbing, shop drawings for mechanical, shop drawings for electrical and shop drawings for fire protection.