3D BIM MEP Clash & Coordination Services

BIM clash coordination service is the process of coordinating all the building services such as plumbing, fire protection, HVAC duct, electrical internally and with other disciplines such as structural elements and architectural elements. The overall process can be achieved by using various BIM coordination tools that includes BIM coordination and BIM clash detection. MEP BIM Coordination services include preparation of virtual 3d BIM model for all the discipline of MEP services and ensure the model is coordinated and clash-free to avoid time-consuming and expensive changes during the construction.

ASC an MEP BIM services provider in India provides a wide range of MEP coordination and clash detection services that helps our client across the world with the following benefits.

  • Identify and report the interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary clashes followed by clash resolutions

  • Help understand all the MEP elements in a virtual 3D environment and enable better-informed decisions for space management

  • Since the model is coordinated before the construction, no delay at the site.

  • Helps automate the process of 2D & 3D construction documentation

  • Helps faster signoff

​Clash detection is one of the key benefits of BIM (Building Information modeling). Our experienced and qualified team provide professional services to our clients for identification and resolution of interferences in bim models. Clash detection and resolution are the key aspects of 3D BIM modeling services. Our BIM clash detection and MEP BIM coordination services in India help our client identify clashes effectively, inspect them and document the clashes in a 3D BIM model.


While human error may occur while identifying the clashes manually our clash detection and MEP bim coordination services eliminate the human error completely and it is the main benefit of identifying and resolving the clashes in 3D BIM model. Our BIM clash detection and resolution services in India also help clients avoid wastage of time and material on site by creating 3D clash-free BIM model. Our MEP coordination services USA also include 4d construction simulation that helps our clients plan the project effectively and generate the most helpful construction sequence.

Our clash detection and resolution services not only include the final estimated location of BIM elements but also it collaborates with project management data and creates effective construction sequencing, logistics movements and material lead time. With the help of services, the clashes can be identified and resolved in the documentation stage instead of on-site during construction.

It helps avoid design errors and any inefficiencies that may lead to delay and over budgeting of the project. We at ASC offers BIM clash detection services on a wide range of projects such as bridges, public structures, commercial facilities, industrial units, residential homes, retail and institutional buildings. Our experienced and qualified professionals with the help of our robust BIM processes and quality control, deliver highly accurate BIM clash detection services at an affordable rate and quick turnaround time. ASC is one of the leading organizations that offer clash detection and resolution services to various clients across the world. Our BIM clash detection and resolution services help clients perform the interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary clash detection among architectural, structural, electrical systems, plumbing or mechanical. The clash detection and resolution report would help the project management team to make necessary changes and adjustments in the schedule of their construction project. As our clash detection and resolution report include marking of clashes, it can provide information about all static elements involved in the clash. Our BIM clash detection model can be used even after project completion and during the project.


With the help of our BIM clash detection and resolution, services clients can execute clash detection checks at any level of detail and over any number of building systems. ASC carries the in-depth experience of serving the clients with clash detection and resolution services ensuring the quality output.


ASC has delivered several clash detection and resolution projects for many electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering projects for the clients in fields of construction such as contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, real estate developers, builders, designers etc.