Project Details

Scope & Procedure

The project was to deliver the MEP scan to bim services. We have received the point cloud data for Airport terminal building and other operations area including baggage area. The task was to convert the point cloud data into MEP BIM model. We have converted the point cloud to MEP BIM model at LOD 400 level. The airport is located in Europe with an area of approx 400000 square feet. The specific procedures were followed to create the model. The naming convention was given in the right way to each element. The model was prepared with 5 mm accuracy. The expectation from the client was to have a highly accurate model with all the necessary elements. We have followed the internally developed quality check procedure in order to check the model and to deliver highly accurate scan to bim model. Our processes are ISO 9001: 2015 certified. Services such as plumbing, HVAC, mechanical and fire protection was modeled along with architectural and structural discipline. The MEP BIM model was also checked in navisworks in order to avoid the clashesh.


The project required a high level of accuracy not only in terms of mm to mm match with point cloud but also it was necessary to create the engineering MEP model with all necessary elements. The time was also constraints. We have prepared the LOD 400 MEP BIM model with all support, hangers and other necessary installation elements. Another challenge was to perform the multiple quality check processes in order to ensure there are no errors. We delivered the project on time with quality up to the client expectation.

Business Model

The requirement of the client was to convert the point cloud to a highly detailed MEP model. The project was charged on the lump sum basis. In order to meet the tight deadline 4 MEP modeler and one quality checker were deployed on the project. 

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