We offer comprehensive architectural BIM services to our customers during each phase of the project such as planning, designing, building, and maintenance. Our highly experienced architectural BIM services team is specialized in providing architectural BIM modeling services. Our in-house team of architects uses the latest architectural 3d modeling software tools such as Revit and ArchiCAD for Revit architectural modeling services. Since we hhave worked on numerous Revit architectural modeling projects, we are having vast experience in complex and parametric Revit family creation. We understand the importance of building information modeling (BIM) In the construction and architectural BIM outsourcing industry hence we have developed some of the most innovative 3d modeling processes in-house for our architectural BIM services. ASC an architectural bim modeling services provider in India is working with clients in many countries and helping them reduce project cost and project time with affordable Revit BIM services. We understand the architectural BIM project may undergo several changes during the design processes. Hence, we ensure the BIM family modeling is done in a way that the changes in the element parameters can be managed quickly and efficiently. With the help of such processes, our Revit 3D modeling not only helps to create an intelligent consistent and coordinated model but also to make the architectural 3d modeling fees highly cost-effective for the clients when it comes to change management.

Being an architectural BIM outsourcing company, we have provided SketchUp modeling services to clients in multiple regions. Our 3d SketchUp services include the development of the conceptual SketchUp model, SketchUp rendering. The model is prepared in a way it can be used by the client for multiple uses. Often the model requires a very high level of detail and geometry to be inculcated. The model is being used by the architectural companies, structural consultants and other design consultants in many ways by integrating the same with Revit and other modeling/design software.



Architectural BIM modeling

Revit custom family creation

5D BIM construction simulation 

Architectural shop drawings

Presentation 3D modeling

Architectural drafting

BIM design development

4D scheduling BIM model









Design feasibility check

Accurate architectural documentation

3D model review & visualisation

Error free and model linked drawings

Constructability model check

Building sustainability analysis

Effective change management maintaining time and cost constraints.

Quick & easy modification of architectural design

Accurate quantity estimation that helps in budget planning

BIM model for onsite reference with help of cloud collaboration

Model helps in over all coordination with structural & MEPF

Helpf identify even minor error through model review

Helps during construction sequencing

post construction, model can be used for the facility management by enriching COBie

We follow country-specific BIM modeling standards to develop a 3D BIM model and use building information modeling software as per the client requirements for our Revit architectural modeling services. Being a reputed architectural BIM modeling services provider we develop the models with high quality, all possible information and in a way that can be used for the bidding stage, architectural walkthrough, architectural rendering, project sequencing, etc. As an architectural BIM outsourcing company in India, We have created intelligent Revit 3D BIM models for various projects such as school, stadium, opera house, fire station, residential, commercial, mixed-use, etc. With the help of architectural BIM models, it is possible to extract the drawings such as floor plan elevation sectional view and schedules. Further, the BIM model can also be used to coordinate with the structural BIM model and MEP BIM model to identify the clashes and resolve the same.

Architectural BIM Services


Revit/ArchiCAD 3D Modeling Services

As an Architectural bim modeling services provider, we have vast experience in developing ArchiCAD and Revit 3D models. Our team can create a model from 2d cad drawings, pdf, 3d cad models, etc. We follow standard procedures and quality checks to ensure the models are highly accurate. The models we create are highly intelligent with all possible data such as exact shape and size of the elements, material of each component, coordinates, work sets, country or client-specific BIM standards, etc. The architectural models are preparing in a way that all the models can be used to generate drawings such as 2d floor plan, 2d sectional view, elevations, quantity takeoff, etc.

Point cloud to 3D BIM model

We have vast experience in converting point cloud data into 3d models. Our in-house team of experts has worked on numerous projects across the world on scan to BIM projects. We provide high-quality point clod 3d modeling services with the highest level of accuracy. We utilize the latest scan to BIM software to handle the complexity and vastness of the point cloud data and point cloud model. As architectural BIM services provider, we have worked on projects such as school, stadium, tunnels, railway stations, residential, commercial, fire stations, heritage building, etc. Our scan to BIM services is provided with a high level of quality control and quality checks.

Revit Family modeling

We provide Revit family modeling services to the architects, builders, components manufacturers, etc. We prepare high quality, dynamic and parametric Revit families for our customers so that the Revit families can be used in multiple ways by changing the dimensions or the specified constraints.

4D/5D Building model for construction simulation

We have a team of experts working on Revit and other 3d modeling software to create the as-built construction model. The model is prepared in such a way that it can be linked with the construction sequence and the construction sequencing can be simulated on the 3d model. Our 4d modeling services are utilized by general contractors and owner-operators to track the construction progress.

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