As a part of the virtual design and construction, our 4D BIM services (construction simulation services) and 5D BIM services are one-stop solutions for the various type of projects such as commercial, residential,  infrastructure, plant, oil & gas refinery, etc. ASC technology solutions, a leading 4D BIM services provider in India, has the expertise to deliver 4D construction simulation for the project of any scale. ASC a 4D bim outsourcing company in India has developed proven and robust processes over the years for creating as-built models, project schedule, model linking and plenty of analysis including what-if scenarios. ASC delivers the 4D simulation and 5D simulation services that have plenty of benefits for new building construction projects such as 4D visualization with respect to time, identifying out of sequence work, the ability to try multiple construction sequences, etc using 4D simulation software such as Navisworks. 4D is an extension of 3D with the time included in addition to the other three dimensions. Navisworks 4D simulation could be used in collaboration with multiple software for numerous analyses. As a 4D BIM company, we provide 4D BIM simulation & 5D BIM simulation services in India, USA, UK, Europe and Australia that help all the project stakeholders including the architects, contractors, designers, and the owners to visualize the whole sequence of construction milestones and analyze the progress of construction activities virtually before and throughout the lifetime of the project.

In order to run the construction simulation, we link the project construction sequencing to the as-built BIM (Building Information Modelling) model and simulate the logistic movement, construction progress and dynamic clashes in a video that helps us identify potential issues. We provide the construction simulation analysis that allows checking multiple scenarios where we can compare the planned versus actual construction virtually before and throughout the project lifecycle. Clients can explore 4D simulation for supporting construction planning and can assess the impact of the proposed design on the construction schedule and work process. Our team uses the latest software technology to create workflows enabling the internal project team to plan the operations accurately by detecting potential issues and planning for alternatives. Using the existing BIM models and planned sequence construction professionals can simulate construction activities, identify clashes and interference problems, enhance construction schedules, track logistic movement and can also manage the supply chain. ASC's team ensures a better understanding of project milestones and improved construction plans at each stage of the project. Project delays and construction rework can be eliminated as our project managers carefully plan and coordinate construction activities at the micro-level. All the design components can collaborate virtually onscreen in the 4th dimension and the construction team can enhance the construction sequencing. 

The BIM model having details of construction schedule and cost of each element called 5D BIM model and using the 5D BIM model for construction simulation including cost called 5D simulation. The costing of each component and services are attached to the BIM model. Our 5D BIM simulation services help create relationships among each element, construction sequence, and cost of each element such that we can extract detailed and accurate information from the 5D BIM model and conduct various analyses to minimize the project cost and time.

Team ASC works collaboratively in order to link the entire as-built model with time and cost. We understand the importance of the as-built model for 5D construction simulation and we ensure each component is modeled in the way it can link to time and cost properly. Our 5D models can be used to manage the overall project as it can help monitor cost, time and help identify potential issues. ASC's With our 5D BIM services in India, our experienced team also check each model for clashes and resolve them before linking it to time and cost in order to make the 5D simulation and related analysis hassle-free. We also provide construction sequencing services and our team ASC works with a collaborative approach maintaining the central BIM model and attaching the relevant time and cost information subsequently. It also enables automatic updates in case any changes have been made in the design and help coordination among the project team.


  • Our BIM 4D scheduling shows the critical path of the project and thus enables the owner and the project participants for a better understanding of the phasing schedule.

  • With ASC's 4D BIM simulation services, you can detect and resolve the space and workspace conflicts virtually before starting the actual construction.

  • BIM 4D simulation could be used effectively for presentation and marketing purposes.

  • ASC can help Identify potential issues with construction sequencing.

  • ASC's construction simulation services can help your organization make projects constructive and avoid losses.

  • our 4D simulation services can help you monitor procurement progress in 4D.

  • We can help you get more insight into the project and conduct multiple analyses before actual construction starts.

  • We help you identify and resolve time constraints.

  • Our 4d services can help you increase productivity by avoiding waste of time and material on the construction site.

  • With the help of our 5D simulation services, design details can be easily focused and discussed thus information decisions can be taken and multiple analyses can be performed to find out the best possible construction sequence.​

  • We ensure more accurate takeoffs during initial budget estimation.​​

  • Its efficiency to generate quantities for cost planning is higher than the traditional way and manually take off during the detailed cost plan stage.

  • As it helps identify potential risks at an earlier stage, the team can improve clash detection in the design stage itself than traditional approaches can.


  • Our 5D BIM model helps resolve RFI's quickly and in real-time.


  • As our 5D BIM models can provide options before and during construction, it helps improve estimation.


  • Our 5D BIM Model can increase the visibility of projects such as construction details, clashes, etc.​

  • Our 5D BIM model improves the quality level of the finished projects because the user maintains the quality of data in BIM models.


  • As the costing of design options can be done during the early design stage with the help of 3D and so 5D BIM modeling makes project conceptualization easier.

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